Ultrasound-mediated drug-delivery is an exciting new technology with the potential to transform how therapeutics are delivered and treatments are monitored. Drug-loaded delivery vehicles, in the form of microbubbles or liposomes, are activated by exogenous ultrasound energy to release drug to a specific location within the body. Microbubbles are acoustically active, meaning they can be imaged by ultrasound, and physically rupture during insonification to release pre-loaded therapeutics. Liposomes are much smaller than microbubbles, and release drugs when they are heated by the energy of an ultrasound beam.

This website provides short summaries of important articles related to ultrasound-mediated drug-delivery techniques and is updated periodically.

Several academic and corporate labs in the United States and Europe are advancing therapeutic ultrasound research, and links to relevant lab websites are included with links to journal articles throughout the website.